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Know about an independent organization AMERICAN DIAGNOSTIC CENTER. By knowing about us, familier about our values, commitments and know about our origin.

About Us

AMERICAN DIAGNOSTIC CENTER is the independent organization. This is the trusted name in medical services of the people those who are intend to proceed in abroad to work in promising rich countries is set up a Medical Check-Up Organization Located H.R. Complex (4th Floor), 100, Mohakhali, Dhaka-1212. It is well equipped and manned by qualified professionals. The endeavors made by the management of the company have yielded dividend and the center is now one of the best in its area of operations with a reputation for sustained high quality service.

Our Mission & Vision

Our Values

We are committed to care your health by providing good service to the customers. AMERICAN DIAGNOSTIC CENTER does thing passionately to help people with all diagnostic facilities. We understand that our responsibilities are towards our communities as they believe more AMERICAN DIAGNOSTIC CENTER is the place to rely and trust. We believe it is our sacred responsibility to repay the debt to the soil which gave us birth. Our every activity is driven by this belief. Today AMERICAN DIAGNOSTIC CENTER is the name of quality, care and trust. We have always been a value driven company. We consider these values as the heart of soul of the business and company. Our core values are:

Integrity We make every effort to ensure the highest level of integrity in doing business. We treat honesty, truth and fairness as the building block of our entrepreneurship.
Excellence We continuously strive to achieve the highest possible standard in every activities and in the quality of products and services we provide. We believe attaining excellence is an endless journey and our journey for excellence will never be ended
Respect for Individual We foster an environment that is built on openness, transparency, mutual respect, individual's integrity. We treat people how we want to be treated. We care all individuals whom we touch or to be touched: customers, employees, partners, suppliers and communities.

Our Commitment

We are committed to care your health our pursuit of excellence begins with a commitment to our staff the true strength of our organization. We embrace teamwork and seek to create a challenging, stimulating work environment for our people. We do not compromise with the quality. We use the best medicine and laboratory kits to find out the real and accurate results AMERICAN DIAGNOSTIC CENTER aims to provide unparalleled service to the people of Bangladesh by delivering the highest possible level of care. For this, huge investment has been made on equipment and technology. We have the most up to date diagnostic laboratory equipment from USA, Japan, Taiwan,Korea, China, for up to date medical check-up in Bangladesh.